Getting from Idea Concept to Product Launch

The GetViable Platform is now Open Source under the CC BY-SA Licence.
Download a copy of the source code at SourceForge and create some magic!

If you’re here for some startup advice, get started with the steps below the video…

GetViable is based on leading startup thinking and will help and guide you through validating your idea. We expect it to take you a few weeks to work though your idea properly. The time you spend thinking about and testing your idea now is time and money saved in the longer term.

We’ll guide you through the following stages while you turn your idea into a viable product. Get started by choosing one of the steps below.

Whats the Big Idea? Customers & Competition The Details The Risks Test Problem-Solution Fit Test Prototypes Pitch Your Idea
The GetViable online startup platform has been retired. Contact us for your data if you missed the email.

The GetViable Platform is now Open Source under the CC BY-SA Licence. Download a copy of the source code at SourceForge and create some magic!

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