13 Steps to Get Viable : Video 2 – Understanding your Startup Vision

We’re excited to be launching the GetViable Platform for starting up your ideas shortly.

These video tips will be focusing on the initial clarification stage of your new business idea as well as understanding your target customers.

The second video in the series is to help you Understand your Startup Vision for your idea. If you missed it, you can watch Clarify your Idea Scope here.

If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so here to make sure you don’t miss out.

This task is all about your vision, your vision for your idea.

This is the nice stuff; this is when you really start to think about the future. What is it that you ultimately want to achieve?

What is it that this idea will bring about, maybe something small – you may want to make a little impact on your local environment or you may want to change the world in some way?

This is where you capture that essence. This will enable you to make some hard choices in the future. You will need to make decisions on what you do on your site (and what you don’t do), and this is what will define how those decisions are made, and beyond the idea itself, what is it that really matters for you, personally, in the future.

How do you see your life shaping out, say if this idea becomes a big success, how do you see this business fitting into your life?

What is it that you want to see within this business, do you see it being a big company, do you see it being something that you know pays the bills or do you see yourself building a multinational, these are all really key questions which will enable you to decide – when you come to those junctions in the road – which way to turn.

We’ll be sending you ‘Who are your competitors ‘ in a few days.

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