As an entrepreneur, launching a web startup may seem like a daunting process, but it can be simple if certain web design guidelines are followed.

One of the most important aspects of website design is usability. Effective user interface design will keep visitors on the page upon arrival and increase user engagement and conversion. Consider how these seven design tips for user interface creation can help you create a viable web startup:

1. Navigation Should Be Simple.
The user interface is important in any website creation process. If the website is not easy to navigate, users will become frustrated and find a competitor’s website that is easier to navigate. Usability is equally as important as content in website creation.

2. Load Times Should Be Fast.
Google now ranks websites based upon the time it takes to load. Web designers should ensure the load times are as fast as possible to achieve a higher ranking.

3. The Design Should Be Intuitive.
When navigating to a website, the last thing a visitor should request is a manual to operate your website. If visitors have to work to determine how to navigate your website, they are less likely to stick around to make a purchase.

4. Content Should Be Clear and Concise.
Visitors should have a clear understanding of your product or service by the time they leave your website. If they do not have an understanding, they will more than likely conduct business with a company that provides a better explanation.

5. Elements of the User Interface Should Be Consistent.
Interface elements such as buttons, tabs and elements should be consistent. When the elements are consistent, visitors can breeze through the website with minimal impediments.

6. The User Interface Should Be Visually Appealing.
A good interface is eye-catching to visitors. The images are crisp and sharp. The graphics are of high resolution, and the fonts are appropriately-sized. Effective UX design ensures that visitors are pleased with the visual aspects of the website. When the experience is pleasurable, visitors are more likely to buy and come back for repeat visits.

7. Efficient User Interfaces are key.
Efficient UX design allows users to accomplish tasks in the least amount of time possible. The fewer clicks, scrolls or keystrokes required to accomplish tasks on a website the better. When the website is efficient, visitors save time and are more likely to return because the experience was pleasurable.

What do you think is the single most important web design tip?

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